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My Students' Links:      Start here!! This is the place where you'll really find the best the web has to offer. I have compiled entertainment links, educational links (I am a teacher, after all...), search links, and a cool list of random, miscellaneous links!      Everything you always wanted to know about computers and the Internet can be found here. From an alphabetical listing of computer / Internet terms, to a graphical representation of how the Internet works. Not to mention the "cyberterm" of the day!

NetScrap:      The creators of this site have compiled "scraps" from e-mail, news groups, etc., and posted them all here. You know all those funny e-mails you get and forward on to your friends, well that's what this site is made up of. Very funny!

HotSheet:      This site has hundreds of links all categorized for your surfing pleasure. They have information on just about anything you could want. Check them out.

Information Please:      Just what the name implies. Tons of sites categorized for easy searching.

The Onion:      "America's finest news source." The Onion has all the news that's Congress asking the president's permission to hold the session outside in hot weather. Seriously, check them out.

Jeff's Home Page:      This is my brother-in-law's home page. He just created it, so it's continuously under construction, but it's pretty cool. Stop by, you may find out some interesting information. It's especially cool if you're a movie buff like he is.

Backwards!!:      Trust me, you have to see this to believe it...sdrawkcab!! You put in any URL, and this CGI script will retrieve it, and you can then view it backwards. You can even surf the web this way...just click on a link in a backwards page, and the nest page(s) will be backwards, too. Very cool!!      It's just what the name implies. This page provides links to some interesting sites. So, if you have nothing to do, stop by here to occupy your time.

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